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Whole Woman

Here at Allu Royale Passion For Art, our goal is to provide exceptional products that uplift women.

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About Our Company:

We are a family and home-based company inspired by our parents, Alexander & Lulu, to embrace God’s precious gift of CREATIVITY, even if it’s minuscule, and return it to someone else as it may be their treasure of EMPOWERMENT. We pride ourselves on products designed to give comfort, boost confidence, and meditate on that woman you aspire to be.


Winning an essay contest for Fannie Mae landed  Victoria A. Young on Good Morning America in the spring of 2000. Back then, she was known by her maiden name, Victoria A. Martin. Her appearance on one of the three major national morning television shows made Victoria realize that her writing could move people. From there, this prolific talent developed a passion for writing inspirational themes in all literary genres, including poetry, plays, screenplays, and novels. Presenting her characters with challenging situations and allowing their emotions to guide her has been her greatest pleasure of being a writer thus far. She has no interest in acting. STORYTELLING is her thing.

She has written and produced three 2-hour plays, as well as three short plays, fashion shows and other elaborate events. These works led to the refining of her skills for the birth of her first novel in a book series: Passion Whispers an Execution. The next two, which she is currently working on, are Damnation Shakedown and Release Me. Her purpose for writing this trilogy is to bring awareness to MENTAL ILLNESS. Since many enjoy real-life stories, why not write a thriller/romance story that brings awareness to mental illness?

Writing Passion Whispers an Execution came with roadblocks. Since she was never homeless or a drug addict or suffered from alcoholism, she had to do intense research to bring out the best with her characters, especially the lead: YASHANI.  All her characters come to life.  YASHANI  brands Victoria's Allure Line.

Young's genius-style writing has been compared to Oscar-winner Quentin Tarantino's tricky engaging plots and dialogue, displaying a classic and provocative flair. Victoria digs deep, writing OMG! stories to the core, always ending with a bang while bringing a joyous spirit to the human experience. Her stories are unorthodox; that's the way of the world. One must go through fire to appreciate the journey. Women's stories are dear to her in the hope of transforming them from nightmares to the acceptance that women endure through it all, if only.

Victoria also enjoys art, fragrances, reading, designing fashions, site seeing/nature, listening to classics, jazz and all of its forms, using her creativity to help where it is needed, and choreographing praise dancing. 

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